Our Services

 Offering and Trading of Collectibles and Artwork on Our Platform

• Offering and trading of collectibles and artwork on our platform may involve a number of parties, namely, Original Owners, Offering Agents, and Traders

Our Proprietary Trading Platform

• Our proprietary platform consisting of a matching system, a transaction monitoring system, an account managing system and a settlement system support the trading, payment/settlement of collectibles and artworks online transactions

Technology Infrastructure

• The client software and the Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system comprise our core technology infrastructure and enable us to move each key phase of our business operation online

Market Information Provision

• We provide comprehensive market information to our customers, including real-time price quotes, technical indicators, relevant market news and macroeconomic data and news

Investor Education

• We provide a set of educational programs designed to target customers which includes basic rules and processes of online collectibles and artwork trading, fundamental analysis methods and technical analysis methods of collectibles and artwork

Customer Support

• Most of our services are accessible through our client software, and we also have a dedicated team of customer service personnel that handles real-time customer inquiries about our software, market news and research reports and questions, via call, text message and online instant message